The family is the core member of the society, the reason why there are laws protecting its interests, issues and concerns. Family law is about all legal matters encompassing marriage and children. Issues involving the family are usually emotional, but there must be an objective and legal way to resolve the matter so justice may be given to the deserving party. The following are the cases, concerns, and issues being regulated under the family law:

  • Marriage: Most of the modern-day couples talk to a family lawyer before settling down, and one of the many aspects of marriage, they want to be enlightened with is how to handle their respective assets. Since divorce is legal in the United States, many couples want to discuss with a family lawyer how the status of their assets would be in case their marriage does not work out.
  • Divorce: A marriage that does not work out is legally ended through a divorce. There can be so many reasons why a couple goes on separate ways, and a family lawyer makes each and every reason, rational for both parties.
  • Domestic violence: Physical abuse and emotional pain are often linked to domestic violence. Fact is that, domestic violence can be in many forms and ways, including controlling the life of the other person, bullying, and humiliating family members among others. Further, domestic violence is not exclusive to couples or partners alone–a sibling, an elderly, or any family member can be a victim of domestic violence.
  • Child’s representative against domestic violence: Family lawyers may represent children who are being neglected by their own parents or are being abused by their families or guardians.  In such cases, a lawyer that has a specialization in child advocacy is the best person to represent children being neglected or abused by their families.
  • Child support: Family law is very important to children whose lives are affected by the separation of their parents. This area of law assures that children of divorced couples get enough support both financially and emotionally. Children who are abused or neglected by parents are also represented by a family lawyer in asking for financial support from the respective party.
  • Spousal support: A family lawyer helps a spouse get financial support from the other party after a divorce or separation. Financial support is necessary for an individual to achieve financial independence, or at least assist him or her to survive the demands of everyday living.
  • Estate: Divorced couples also need to divide their conjugal properties, and the role of the family lawyer is to work on the fair and just distribution of their assets.
  • Adoption: A family lawyer represents couples, single individuals, or same-sex partners who desire to adopt for them to recognize as legal parents of a child who is not their biological offspring. Legal procedures must be done when adopting a child for the purpose of child support, parental responsibility, right to benefits and inheritance, and legal protection among others.